About Us

Family Owned Business


EggScope is a Brisbane based family business. We offer superior parasitic worm management service to the community. We are not only a testing company but a worm management solution.  This is an essential service for all stock owners, breeders and pet owners. As a family business we understand how little time people have, and want to streamline this service to minimise the efforts of our clients.  Parasitic worms are a direct cause for significant financial burden. This can be due to labour costs, drenching cost, weight loss, wasting expensive feed and potentially worm related death. Faecal egg counts are the Gold Standard for guidance on drenching times and type. A drenching program can be developed for each animal individually if required. 

Vision and Mission at EggScope we believe in the careful management of all our client’s needs. The most important part of our business is the health of your animal and providing it in the most convenient way possible. We are on the forefront of minimising the resistance to the treatment.  We supply the highest level of customer service and testing. Our mission is to make sure that your animals are healthy and being treated appropriately.  

Values and Passion 

As a local family business, we are dedicated to providing the highest service possible. We understand time restraints the working family has and we strive to work with you to minimise your efforts.  

                           We believe in being: 

· Professional 

· Reliable 

· Honest and ethical 

· Respectful and courteous 

Our passion is making sure that all animals are healthy through promoting the need of testing and worm management.