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EggScope is a local privately run and owned internal parasite laboratory. We pride ourselves on our customer relationships, our extensive microbiology knowledge and our worm management control. 

Why is worm management important? Firstly, ask yourself the question, do you know the parasite levels within your animals? If the answer is no we are here to help.

Are you feeding more than just your horse? Animal feed is expensive. If there is a high level of intestinal parasites the feed is not being absorbed by your animal. So, you are buying feed for the parasites.


Could your money be spent elsewhere? Drenching your animals either when it is not needed or using an ineffective product is also a costly procedure. The money you have spent could be for no result, while promoting drench resistance. 

Without diligent monitoring of the parasite levels and drenching effectiveness the worm numbers may grow large enough to cause health issues, and decreased growth rates. It’s a real case of spend a little to save a lot.    

We understand people have time restraints and we are here to help. We can provide a pick up and drop off service. You collect the sample, place it in a specimen bag and leave it in your desired location at your property e.g. letter box. We will come and collect the sample and perform the testing, we also offer the additional service of posting you the appropriate worming medication according to the manufacturers guidelines. If you prefer you can download the request form, fill in the details and send it in your collection bag directly to us via the Australia Post at 451 Lake Manchester Road Kholo 4306 QLD    

So why use EggScope? We are a local business that strives to look after you and your animals. No job is too big or too small. We are very flexible and will cater to your individual needs. You are in safe hands with EggScope.  

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